Thursday, March 31, 2011

After March 11

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It'll be three weeks by tomorrow since the devastating earthquake and tsunami took away the total of more than 20,000 people's lives. It's not the matter of the total number of people. It seems to me that this natural disaster kept killing innocent people over 20,000 times. That is what this number accounts.
It took me for a while until I finally came back here to post today.
I would like to say thank you for all your concerns about me and my family right after the earthquake that hit Japan on March 11.
Three weeks ago that Friday afternoon, I felt the earthquake in my house. It was the hardest one I had ever had before. Thank god, it slowed down in the end. Nothing in the house fell down onto the floors. I turned on TV to get the report and knew the huge earthquake hit the northern part of Japan. Yet who had ever imagined the first historically gigantic tsunami in 400 years was heading towards the cities, towns and villages along the shores? Soon the terrible broadcast was on the air. The self-defense helicopters shot the groups of tsunami rushing on lands one after another and swept away everything including ships, houses, cars and people on and on. It was shocking to see cars on the roads were all swept away with debris. It was impossible for people to get rid of rushing tsunami. Tides and waves rushed up to the third or fourth floors of the buildings with huge amount of debris. There was no way for people in their two-story high houses to survive. At an elementary school, all the students and teachers were out of the buildings on the school field to evacuate from the earthquake, where the huge tsunami swallowed them all at once just like a cruel wild animal attacked its prey. No one could believe what they saw and heard on TV news.
I was just glued to the TV alone in the living room and got quite depressed before my husband and my son got home late.
For the first week from the day, I was quite depressed with the news and had a hard time to concentrate on my job nor house chores and what was worse, to get to sleep. My husband told me not to watch TV news anymore but it was almost impossible to be away from any news about the tragedy. I was in tears all of a sudden while driving with some flashbacks of the news on TV. Gosh I was safe here and all my family were with me and fine but why it was then I was trapped with the sense of guilty. I didn't have any words to post nor update my blog and my twitter, either.
Fortunately just about the same time, I had a chance to meet the Japanese group of Facebook fans in Nagoya and there I met new people who were nice enough to exchange information with me. That was a big help for me to get out of the negative mode in my daily life. Well I still lots to do halfway. I've got to keep my daily life first and then it will surely find the way what I can do for others in need of help.

Thank you for reading and stay in touch.


Janine said...

dear Mekan even with us the news from Japan is everyday on TV, now especially what happens at the nuclear power stations, the environment of that area,that is is heavily radiological, that people actually still have to evacuate further away, that the counterparts construction will take many years to complete. all this terrible news. what can we do to help? to comfort, Terrible for you all, we have you and your people,country, always in our mind! Send you strenght, and love. Dear greetings from Janine

Mekkan said...

Janine, thank you for your every word. It's good to be back here to my blog and start sharing ideas again. I spoke out what I had gone through mostly my sentiment. Now we're facing many serious problems. Nuclear crisis is absolutely the top of them. There are too much information and so depressing to see what is the truth. Yet at the same time every one has his/her own life to handle. I've got to have a good balance in between the on-going crisis and my daily life.
Thank you and let's keep in touch.

orchid said...

Welcome Back!!!
Yes, my hus and I are SO worried about future of Japan, I never felt scared before in my more than half a century's life.
But you are right we have our own lives to lead and I hope we can make it worthwhile.
I thank you that you prompted me to start blog to make mine fruitful♡♡♡

aliceinparis said...

Even here, thousands of miles away we are saddened and horrified by the events unfolding in Japan. Still on the news it is so hard to believe the tragedy that has happened. I am so glad you and your family are safe and well xoxox