Monday, November 15, 2010

the reason why I expose myself into English

Owing to the Blogger, the Twitter, the Face Book, I get the chances to expose myself into the English language world. There I have time to think, make an outline of an idea, search vocabularies, type out my idea into words and finally let it out in the Internet.
I do enjoy every step to express myself outward world. Since I hardly have a chance to talk face to face and exchange ideas with native speakers unless I go to the language school, writing English means a lot to me in terms of keeping up with it. More than anything else, it's so exciting to communicate my friends in the world with English. If I don't manage the English language, there would have been no other door open to the new world of friendship.
Language is amazing.

Today I’d like to talk about some twitter friends who are generous enough to help out the Japanese twitters tweeting in English. Language-wise, they tell us many good advice, instruction and some cultural background information which is useful in learning the foreign language. Some kindly correct my sentences if I ask to. Mostly they are the language experts whose majors at colleges were the teaching English as a second language or the linguistic or the literature and some of course with their unique backgrounds. There are some Japanese with the similar backgrounds as well. It's good that I
can have both of native speaker and the Japanese.

@phrasemix introduces us with lots of useful vocabularies, phrases and is kind enough to check our English sentences very systematically. @sawage runs his private language school in Japan and gives us kind instruction as a teacher. @zen_to_satori is a Japanese and has a good command of English. He knows what mistakes the Japanese learners often make and kindly shows the right sentences. @CaroneeSan is an English author, entrepreneur and more. She is always so carefree to talk of the cultural background from the woman's point of view. @nyeigo is a language tutor who lives in NY. He talks about some popular idioms and vocabularies often used by the native speakers.

There are many opinions on what the best way to learn English. Some say "Why don't you get some native speakers and just talk to them. It's the faster way to learn how to speak." I'm not sure about it. My favorite way to study it for the moment is “writing”. By way of writing, I’ve got to think and make my idea clear. When I know what I want to talk, then it is way easier for me to speak up. That way I believe writing is a very important exercise in order to speak as well. I love to learn new phrases and vocabularies and once my thought are put into letters, they will stay in my memories as my own words.

How can I write the good sentences? What else I should do for writing better English? I've been always looking for the answer these days.

What language do you speak besides your mother tongue? How did you study it? Do you have any suggestions for me?


Au and Target said...

I'm with you on this. There are many native speaks who have zero vocabulary, dreadful grammar, and an accent that will mar any attempt at communication. Writing is a nice way to get your words into order. Having said that, I just babble away and learn as I go along!

Janine said...

how nice to show us your live on the net, and good for you that you are learning englisch, Here at our place, children learning englisch language at school, it is our second langauge on school, and I think it is right that way. So, nice to see you are enyoing this so much, best wishes from Janine

Little Miss Tiara said...

so interesting how you want to improve your english skill so much and do things about it, I mean, some people just "Want" and do nothing :D

maybe I can suggest you join a site called :) there are lots of people from all around the world who are interested to learn about other languages :) you can chat with them and share your language and practice your english skill, better, you can teach them japanese too! I believe lots of people want to learn japanese :)

I'll tell you a secret, I did most of my homework with the help of the people there, they helped me edit my french homework and I can practice my french at the same time :) this site, by far is the best tool for me to practice :D

goodluck with it! Your english is great anyway ;) so no worries!

Dionne said...

Your English is great! You are really adept at it, you should be proud.

Wow, you're on Twitter! I am yet to join. We'll see - maybe some day.

Dionne said...

Hello my dear! I hope you're well! Just stopping in to say Happy Thanksgiving! I know you don't do that over there, but thought I would wish it to you anyway.

photojoy said...

Thank you, Dionne. It's really nice of you to stop by. I'll be back soon.

Pamela said...

I'm proud of you! You are doing a great job! :)