Friday, November 05, 2010

Gilrs Get Together

Three of ex-high school classmates got together in Tokyo and walked, walked and walked and gosh we talked, talked and talked.

Two of us left Nagoya Station at7:20 am and got to Tokyo at 8:40 and met our friend in Tokyo.

Sorry, it was too late when we realized that we didn't take any pictures before we started our lunch. We were so busy talking and eating.

This casual restaurant named "Canal Cafe" is really comfortable on such a warm fall day. You can see the open cafe in the far distance at your right hand as well. It is right in the middle of Tokyo downtown along the river.

It's so fortunate that we could make this trip possible. Our husbands are happy to see us having fun, we believe! Our railway company is so kind to provide us a very very reasonable round tickets fare unless we don't care about the set schedule of trains departure on both ways. It's just the half fare of the regular tickets. Amazing!
But this ticket is just available for men and women over ------oops, if you please excuse us, over XX years old.

I know men aren't so excited about this ticket just like my husband. But for women, hurray! it's such a treat. You'll get a free tea time coupone at one of the fancy hotel cafe as well.
The home bound train left 6:20pm and got home 8:00pm. "I'm home!" I met my husband before 8:30!

Perfect! Why not we should take advantage of this trip ! We'll come back again!


Dionne said...

What a nice day you had, and even though it's a picture of half-eaten food - it still looks good! And what a lovely cafe!

Hooray for deals on tickets! That's a great price!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

YUMMY food & lovely view too!
Hope you continue to enjoy the season~


Janine said...

oh what a wonderful story, and what a great place you where. Enjoy such moments, because they are your medicine in rainy days. best wishes from janine

Little Miss Tiara said...

the cafe looks really nice! and that food (although only half of it, lol) looks good too! It must be really fun spending a day with old friends ;D

Me and my high school friends used to imagine how would we be if we have a reunion in the future, reading this post makes me smile! Haha :D

{lovely little things} said...

Your post makes me miss Japan, I was there this summer for 2 weeks, what an amazing country!

Au and Target said...

it sounds like such fun!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

regarding your hubby's travel;
well I like the pashmina shawls from India, they are so cheap!

greetings & hope your husband a safe journey!

Anya said...

I think you had a wonderful time :-)

We are back
THANKS for your nice sweet lovely words !!!
And also for your concern .....


Kareltje =^.^=