Monday, August 16, 2010

Let me try out

At last here I am !
It's been almost a month since my past blogging.
I was once so busy, lazy, and sometimes not in a mood to update my blog.
All these reasons were true for my absence.
While I was away from it, I still wanted to inform my friends of myself.
Twitter might be, then, easier for me to keep uploading since all I have to do is to write within 140 letters. As a matter of fact, I'm not quite sure what twitter makes a sense when I have my blog at the same time. But never mind, at least, you will "hear" my occasional tweets and know what I'm doing even when I don't update my blog.
So here in the side bar, you will see my twitter widget. Just let me try out.


Jeany said...

Hi Mekan, i'm thinking the same why twitter when you can have our blog and put more on it. i don't want to twitter, i think you will even be more on the computer, to read other twitters alos, so, nog my kind off thing. :) But everyone has to choose his own way, isn.t ? Have a nice week, a big hug from Janine

Au and Target said...

Au tweets and I blog; it's even labour!

The Chair Speaks said...

Pictures help tell stories in blog. Quite tough to do that in tweets.

photojoy said...

Yes, all of you are very true. Managing the both makes me busy. See how long I can do it :) Have a nice Tuseday! I tell you it's going to be scorching hot here today too.