Saturday, August 28, 2010

Different world of hobbies

a helicopter!

This is the world of Gundam, they say.


"Gundam" is a popular hero from a TV animated series.
It was first televised almost 30 years ago
and has been one of the greatest heroes among children since then.

Take a look what is going on.
It's only Japanese but you can get some hints from the images.

by the way, for me Astro Boy is still my childhood hero!

Who is your favorite hero?

(photo by my son)


Au and Target said...

We only started watching it after we came to Malaysia. I love the weird phallic monsters...

Emilie Delance said...

How cool! I loved star wars as a child, and still do ^_^ and Flash Gordon, Zorro and Superman :D

Janine said...

wow, what a great picture, that is the world we know from Japan, that is what the news shows us often, that japan is great in building such things, thank you for sharing, have a great weekend, big hug from Janine

Dionne said...

Oh I used to watch Astro Boy back in Australia when I was little. I loved it, but I always cried at the end because he was always getting hurt, rejected and broken :(

photojoy said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Those make me smile. Thank you. I'll be back soon.

khim said...

I Love this place with big Robot.GUNDAN!!!!