Saturday, April 03, 2010

Good excuse for sweets

Here are one of my favorite Japanese sweets called "Ohagi" , sweet rice balls.

Ohagi are rice balls similar to sticky rice cake and are covered with sweet red beans paste(right rear), sesame, sweet soybeans powder(front) or so on. My grand mom and my mother used to make these sweet balls as some offerings on the family Buddhist altar on several special commemorative days during the year. They are popular Japanese sweets which we have daily throughout the year as well.

So today I just needed something sweet so badly after I walked quite long to enjoy cherry blossoms at Nagoya Castle. On the way home, I stopped by at one confectionery store and found these Ohagi. Such a treat after I went through a comfortable fatigue. Good excuse to have some sweets!

When I got home, I had them with coffee not green tea but it was a good combination.
Well, just forget about calories. Happy tea time!



I do love red beans in the west, it's seldom used as much!
Wonderful weekend!!

Au and Target said...

Interesting! Soya and red beans sounds a good spicy-salty-sweet combo. People here eat red bean soup.

Maki said...

ohhh Ohagi tabetaaaaaaaii!!!!