Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chinese Tea Set

Tonight I'm in a mood to have tea with my Chinese tea set. I got them when my husband and I visited the China Town in Yokohama near Tokyo.
There are one small tea pot and five small cups(as small as egg stands) on a drainer tray with holes. You serve hot water into the pot and then after you put a lid on, you pour hot water onto the pot itself! Isn't it amazing? There is a good reason for this-----to make it easier tea leaves open inside and get them enough steamed not to mention keep teapot hot enough. That way you'll get your tea so tasty. When you serve tea, you are supposed to empty the pot so that there should be no excessively strong tea left inside. You just add hot water whenever you want another cups. What a lovely way to enjoy tea! Since I have any one else around me tonight at home yet, I enjoy it all for myself! Five cups one after another!


Anya said...

I see nothing ......... ;)
I think there is something wrong!!

I come back 2mrw :-)

photojoy said...

Anya, sorry about a failure. I didn't notice that I hit enter key without knowing for myself just after I typed out only the title. You might already notice that I am a kind of careless person. haha-----thanks for a notice.

Au and Target said...

Teaset looks lovely! Like hte bright white inside and dark brown outside.

Anya said...

Yes its okay now ........ LOL
Very nice teaset
enjoy when you drink it and take a piece cake haha...

Enjoy your weekend

marry said...

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Janine said...

I love drinking tea, I have severell teasets, but none in chinese :)) it looks very relaxing, enyoj youre drinking, greetings from Janine