Sunday, October 25, 2009

This and that

While going back and forth between home and the hospital where my mother-in-law has been staying, I just completed my task as one of the staffs of a group of volunteer interpreters yesterday inviting a guest speaker from Greece. She made a wonderful presentation for us in English on her country starting from an ancient history to the present. Using beautiful slides, she had never made us bored or tired during her three-hour-lecture. There were, of course, some participants who have been there, and for the one like me who have not been there yet, her story was fascinating enough to learn more about its history and feel some day I would love to visit her beautiful country full of historical stories and heritages and breathtaking nature. No matter what it is, it is time consuming for the staffs to organize an event for a group of people but when you accomplish it, we learn it is worth doing it.

Right after this event was over in the evening, I hurried to the hospital to help my mother-in-law taking a meal in her room. She had a surgery this past Wednesday and hopefully will start an exercise moving her leg pretty soon.


Anya said...

I hope its going better with your mother I will think on her :)

I was last year in Greece
its only 4 0ur flying from The Netherlands to Greece and its there BEAUTIFUL.
But from Japan its very far ..... LOL
Have a relaxing sunday

Dionne said...

That's so sweet of you to go visit your mum-in-law straight after your lecture! I am sure her leg will be fine soon!

Like Anya, I was in Greece last year too. I loved it! So beautiful, and full of history. The only thing I didn't like was all the people smoking. I really don't like the smell of cigarettes, and the Greeks love their cigarettes, hahaha. But everything else was amazing!


You are such a good daughter in law...your husband must be so proud of you. All the best my friend & have a peaceful week!