Saturday, October 17, 2009

She is in a hospital

(image from the Japanese site)

My husband's mother, who has just celebrated her 94 year-old birthday in the previous month, slipped and fell down on the floor and hit her right side of her thigh so hard. She was not able to stand all by herself in a few hours owing to a hard pain.

(image from the Japanese site)

She broke her joint between her right leg and hip. She will have a surgery to plant a metal joint. It sounds awful but she has to go through it so that she won't spend the rest of her life all in bed. She has to wait the surgery for about a week to reduce a side-effect which should be brought about by one of the daily medicine she's been taking. It disturbs blood from stopping.

(image from the Japanese site)

We don't know in deed what has happened in our life tomorrow.
She has been in good shape as a whole without any serious inner organ problems and has been enjoying her daily life especially taking care of our garden from fallen leaves, weeds , trees and flowers. And all of a sudden, she has to face with a big difference.

How do the aged people in your country spend their daily life and what changes do they have to face with all of a sudden?
Do they want to live with one of their children's family ?
Does a single parent live by him/her self?

Anyway I've been busy visiting her everyday at hospital besides doing my house chores and my volunteer work.


Dionne said...

Oh no! I hope she recovers quickly!

My Aunt works for a Retirement home, and a lot of American families send their parents there in their old age. It's the same way in Australia.

But Brian and I are both from very multi-cultural families. We wouldn't dream of not having our parents live with us when they needed us. They raised us and were wonderful, we certainly owe them so much! We talked about this before we got married, and when we purchase a home, it's going to be big enough for both sets of parents so they can come live with us whenever they want.


I'm sorry to hear this...
It's sad to say that in here old people are somehow tossed away it seems... Hope the pain would stop soon & she can live more at peace without any suffering...
All the best dear!

Little Miss Tiara said...

Aww... I hope she'll be alright? And she's 94? Wow, that's... old. I never met someone as old as her, send me the best wishes for her.

katztales said...

Your poor mum. Hope she gets better soon.

My father left my mother so my mum now lives alone. She doesn't want to live with others. I worry that when she gets old there will be problems, but we'll tackle that when we get there.

Dionne said...

Hello! Just checking in to see how you are and how your mother in law is doing. I hope all is well!