Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What do I do to relieve stress?

My blog friend, Dionne asked us "What do you do to relieve stress?" in her recent blog post. It's fun to read what her blog friends answered to her question. Dionne was talking about how much water eases her stress. The way she explained the water is just beautiful along with her awesome illustration and photos. You can read her here.

Well I hardly have a chance to stand on the shore to look at the ocean. But I'm pretty sure standing in front of the ocean listening to the sea make my stress relieved. How it would be nice to stand on the shore at night to hear the waves under the moonlight. I also love to liesten to the soft rainfall. It sounds as if the rainfall is washing any trifling matters away from my thoughts and makes me feel so refreshed. Spending time on someting creative is another way being free from stress. So I used up almost all my evening time on making this image of ocean. Well, it looks quite weird but handling Photoshopelements 2(wow, this is old!) gives me a good chance to change my mood.


Dionne said...

Yes, the ocean is so calming! You did this in photoshop?! It looks so beautiful - i love it!

Jeany said...

Dear Mekkan, nice to read the way you handle the stress away. For me is water too very calming, but also walking in the field, on a beautiful morning, or winter landscape, the nature is my way to relieve stress, and meditating. Works all the time. ;) big hug from jeany

Anya said...

The sea is relaxing :)

Little Miss Tiara said...

wow, that photoshopped picture is so soothing, I love the color, you sure is the talented one :)

and yeah, sitting on the beach staring to the sea can be sooo calming, minus the cold wind and the messy hair :P but really, that's soothing :)

Oh! I'll get to see the sea everyday at Bali! D: yay! Haha


In here, we can buy CDs with the sound of waves or any other was quite popular a few seasons ago... For me, I like to take a long hot bath with lavender & lemon grass scent...very relaxing*