Thursday, July 23, 2009

How I enjoy myself after good-bye

I usually drive my husband to the airport when he goes out of town on business abroad. After he checks in at the airline counter, we have coffee together then say good-bye each other at the gate. Just after I see him off at the gate, I feel just empty. He's gone for about two weeks. Well, let's get back home. There would have not been any reasons to stay at the airport any longer? Oh, oh, wait a second. As I had talked about this airport before, it has many functions besides an airport itself. Why should I make myself enjoy to cheer me up. After I saw my husband's jet taking off, I started with strolling around for window shopping.

Would you like to see those 26 pictures one by one. Then, Click here.


Dionne said...

Awwwww... it must be hard to see off your husband who will be gone for two weeks. Sometimes NASA sends off teams to Russia for a few weeks, so I always dread when that comes up, because I don't want Brian to go - and even though he never puts his name on the list, sometimes if not enough people do, they pick from the remaining people - luckily for me, he hasn't had to go.

Your airport looks like a mall! So many shops and things to do! I could spend a day in there just exploring!

Little Miss Tiara said...

aww... that's sad to let your hubby go, for two weeks too... luckily window shopping at the airport help you a little to forget the sadness :)

Jeany said...

Hi Mekkan, I have to let my nephew see this photos, he is going to study Japanese next school season, and wants to go to Japan next year, he loves all what is japans, I thin he will love these photos. There are not many people walking in the male, is that because off the recession? We don’t have so many off this malls, we have more little inner city shops, with nice market, I love those very much. Thank you for charring. Best wishes, from Jeany

Anya said...

Two weeks thats a long time :(
I send you many good well wishes
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)