Monday, March 23, 2009

Visiting Yanagibashi Fish Market

(47pictures in all : point the pictures, click an icon on the left below and you will see short explanations)

For Japanese, getting fresh fish are so important. Housewives often exchange information about where they can get fresh food. Yanagibashi Fish Market is the only one commercial wholesale market in Nagoya and the surrounding areas that local people and tourists can also shop around besides professional chefs from restaurants and hotels in this area. It is surprising to know that it is located right in the center of the city, near the Nagoya station in between tall buildings.
For these years, it becomes a popular spot for tourists from abroad. Since I belong to one of the volunteer interpreter groups in Nagoya, my group has decided to join the guided tour for visitors. Since they don't conduct a tour in any other language but the Japanese, we believed that taking part in this tour would help us a lot in terms of knowledge and information about a market when we guide visitors from abroad some other time.
Well, we joined the tour out of our pure desire to study for the purpose. But the thing is the market guided tour was much more exciting than we expected that we put our purpose aside and really enjoyed ourselves looking around, shopping and even tasting foods.
Boy, we had a good time!


Jeany said...

Hello Mekkan, thank u for sharing this, the pictures looks very educating. So nice, the fisch, the nifes, the whole decoration, so marvelous. And some off the fish looks so yammi, I'm a fish eater too. So, my kind off blog today ;)) Best wishes from jeany

Anya said...

THANK you for sharing its great to see it!!
Its looks yummieeee:))
Thanks for your gratulations :) I'am another year older :( LOL

Dionne said...

Wow, thanks for the photos, and also for the thoughtful captions you put on them. More than 400 stores in the market, that's amazing! I am craving seafood now. All that Tuna and the Clams are calling to me!

That sounds interesting, that you are part of a tourist interpreter group, what a fun way to meet new people and experience new things!

Little Miss Tiara said...

oh! That's really interestng! As a seafood lover as I am, I never really care about where my mom bought those fresh fishes, lol.

And Shitake Mushroom! Yummm... (I hope I didn't spell it wrong...) I heard it way too often about its delicious taste ;D

photojoy said...

Hi, everyone! Thank you for leaving your comments on this topic. I'm glad you all like fish. I'll show you what I got from the market and how I served it for dinner if the pictures I took with my mobile phone are clear ones.

I always feel happy that I have such nice friends who come over my blog and give me a message. Thanks!

Dionne said...

Oooh yum, I can't wait to see how you prepared the fish!

Anya said...

I'am waithing ........... LOL
I loved see food :))

photojoy said...

Oh, isn't it exciting to know you both are around here so close to me at this time of the day from such a different spot on the earth!
This is something!

Kotori said...

I was so pleased to get your comment from my blog. It was so nice to have someone recognize what Kotori means! Your note was so sweet.

I am enjoying looking at your blog. I love all the images. I have not been to Japan yet, my husband has been numerous times and promises me we will go one day. He loves it... your images make me feel like I'm visiting now, though, which is so lovely.

Jeany said...

hmm, I'm too here, so where can I sit???? We don't have to eat with the liitle sticks I hope?? ;))), I can't wait, what 's for dinner!!! Best wishes from jeany