Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The sooner the better

What a day! The weather today is so cold ---back into a freezing winter day. We had a slight snow fall on March 3. According to the weather forecast, it was the snow fall on the Doll Festival Day, a symbol of the spring, for the first time in 16years.
Tomorrow if the weather gets fine and the air is not so damp, every mother will be busy putting all the dolls along with some small lacquer belongings back into the boxes to sit them for another year on its reserved space in the closet. The sooner the better. Why? For one thing , it's been traditionally said that if a mother is too lazy to put the dolls away in the closet, her daughter will marry late. Wow, people might whisper it must be my fault if my daughter doesn't get married and after all stay with us too long. Some superstitions are nothing but a matter of innocent laughter. However, I'll try not to be a lazy mother especially the next day after the Doll Festival.
This is the last night for them to sit there. See you all next year.


Dionne said...

Snow for Spring? Wow!

What an interesting superstition, the one about putting the dolls away late could be an omen for a late marriage. I love hearing about new cultures and traditions. Thanks so much for giving us a little peek into your life!

Anya said...

Hi Mekkan
I find it very interesting to learn something about your culture!!!
I'm glad I found your blog :)))
Of those dolls in boxes to do HEHE I have also two daughters :)
Here with us the spring starts slowly ,but we have two nice sunny days had, but the prospects are again cold weather :(

My blog is a cat fun blog and about myself (@^.^@), and Kareltje thats the name of my cat =^.^=
Talk to you soon ;)