Friday, August 04, 2017

A complex of three tea rooms and a reception room

This building is a landmark at Shirotori Garden.
It consists of three tea rooms and one reception room.
The whole complex is called “Seiu-tei”, which literally means “a pure feather house”.
It's fascinating because the overhead view of the complex depicts a white bird spreading its wings to touch down on water.

The tea room on your right is the head of the bird. The corridor symbolizes its neck and the reception room symbolizes its body. The two tea rooms are its wings.
Another unique point about Seiu-tei is that it was built on the edge of the pond, which is not such a common location for a tea house.
When you attend a tea ceremony and sit in a small tatami room, the pond comes into view through the window.
You may feel as if you are attending a tea gathering on a floating boat as you can feel a nice breeze from the pond.


littletiara said...

Wooow that place looks huge and calming and pretty with all the trees and water surrounding it.. like seriously one of my favorite things about japan is how there are so many open space area filled with trees, even in the busy tokyo.. ayy... this makes me wanna go there again hahahhah

Mekkan Mummekkan said...

Dear Tiara, you are always welcome. Come back again.