Monday, October 17, 2016

Come in from the rain!

Yesterday evening, when I heard the rain, an idea came to me.  I went outside and from just out the windows picked some Japanese anemone flowers, that were at their best.

The weather report said we would have heavy rainfall all night. I easily imagined that the rain would flatten the tall flowers.

So I saved some, arranged them and left them just by the front door last night.

It was so good to be greeted by them standing up straight in the basket when I opened the door this morning.

What a gorgeous start to the day!


littletiara said...

HEELLOOOOO!!! Do you remember me? Haha... I hope you do, I guess I'm back (again), and that is really preeeettyyyy!!! Really nice of you to save the flowers! :D

Oh! Also, I'll be going to visit Japan next year! So excited! Yayyyy

Mekkan Mummekkan said...

Of course I do. How can I forget you! We are connected in FB but how are you? It would be so nice if we have a chance to see you next year. Keep me informed!

littletiara said...

Haha! Yes! You always posts interesting things in FB :D and I'm doing good, I hope I can have more time to do more art but eh~ I'm happy enough where I am now kkk~

Yes yes that would be great! Where do you live? Most of the places in my itinerary is in Tokyo (Ghibli, Doraemon, disneyland) but our plane lands and takes off from Osaka XD oh well... if you're near, then maybe we can meet up! :D

Amin said...

Hello! Beautiful flower in second photo!