Sunday, November 17, 2013

Magic of Light and Shade

This year again, I went to see my old friends from university at the gallery in Daikanyama.
There one of them holds a photo exhibition every year.
Her exhibition gives us a good excuse  to get together once a year in Tokyo.

Photography is an art of light and I believe a professional photographer is an artist who stops time and captures  the moments we often overlook in our daily lives.

This year her pictures showed  impressive collaboration of light and shade. She looked at the scenery through window glass in the cities of NY and NJ, where she  lived more than 20 years. We saw natural layers of reflections in her pictures, which created a magical world of her own.

We were all fascinated with her pictures as we always are. Afterwards,  we enjoyed dinner and a lively chat with a couple of bottles of wine. That was the perfect ending.


☆sapphire said...


ステキな写真展! いらっしゃたんですね。ポスターの写真にうっとり。この一ヶ月、」なんやらかんやらでブログをご無沙汰していて、もっと早くこの記事を読んでいたら、代官山まで見に行ったと思います。これからこの写真作家の方二注目して、逃さないようにします。写真を撮るのが大好きなのですが、なかなかいいのが撮れません、光と影!本当にそうです。写真は光の魔術ですね。

Fernando Santos (Chana) said...

Excelente fotografia....