Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sweetest Guardian living downtown

Near the busy Nagoya station and  in between tall  business tower buildings, there is one small Buddhist temple called "Keihouin" 桂芳院  that you definitely love to visit when you need to have someone listen to your complaints.

This SOMEONE always welcome you by putting his right hand on his right ear so that he can listen to you very attentively.  He never stops you no matter how long you complain, what you nag at or  whom you accuse of.  He sits still outdoor in the corner of the temple ground with a small red apron on from his neck.  He is wearing a gentle smile with his eyes closed.  He is ready to listen to you anytime.   He even keeps a square stool for you to sit on. Urr, it is made of stone, though.

As a matter of fact,  he should not been defined as "he" but  he is friendly called "Ojizou-sama (o-ji-zo-u-sa-ma)."  A local guardian deity that helps us free from every bit of pains and sorrows of daily human relationships.

See, we all know that keeping our complaints inside us is not good at all for our mental health.
So this Ojizou-sama helps us stay in peace every day.  He is such a sweet complaint listener.
Isn't it nice to see a board besides him, which says "All complaints this Ojizou-sama hears  are CONFIDENTIAL."

Maybe next time I visit there,  of course, not to complain but to say hello,  I'd like to meet the temple priest as well and ask him about how this little guardian diety has started his mission.
This is the sweetest Ojizou-sama I have ever seen.


Beadwright said...

I love this post. I would also love to visit this place to say hello as well.

Au and Target said...

Very pretty! When I'm down, I complain to the cats.

The Chair Speaks said...

This little corner is so sweet and serene!