Sunday, June 03, 2012

Do you remember "Travel Volunteer"?

Do you remember "Travel Volunteer"?  
Last year it was just six months after 3.11 Tohoku disaster when Katy Morrison  and Jamie Lafferty started traveling across Japan from north to south for 100 days. 
While traveling, they posted great articles and amazing pictures every day in their blog so as to say Japan is as beautiful as ever and this report helped a lot to support the recovery of tourism to Japan.

Today their blog  was released as a digital book titled "Smiles of Japan"  and it is just free.
Why don't you get this now and read it. No matter whether you are from Japan or from abroad you'll be fascinated with their experiences.

The book is available from URL below:

Just let me add one thing. 
 It was such a rewarding experience for me that I accompanied them when they visited Aichi Prefecture in Oct. last year.


tiara purnomo said...

it sounds so fun! I'm always interested in doing such things like this! Meeting new people and making new friends, plus the experience and the adventures! :D I'm looking at the books right now :D

Ioana-Carmen said...

love everything! would you enjoy following each other? kisses