Saturday, March 10, 2012

Listen ! Just a little sign of Spring will help us

It is often said that time heals one's sorrow but we have learned this is not true for people in Tohoku area at this moment. For many of them time has stopped since March 11, 2011.

The arrival of spring ----- it means very special to every Japanese this year, since many of those who met the huge disaster are now trying to make one step forward out of desperation, anger, and sorrow.

It was raining yesterday. It was chilly. And somewhere in my garden little guests called "Uguisu(Japanese bush warbler)" were singing on trees. In fact they showed up last week. They were too small for me to find on brances but their singing was so rich and clear. Their arrival is a sign of the spring.

It's ironic. We are just helpless against the mighty nature. However it is that nature that gives us lots of comfort and courage for the future.

For many victims time has stopped since then. Time never heals their minds. Yet I sincerely hope a sign of spring such as singing birds and cherry blossoms will tell people that they are "alive."

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