Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our garden came to life again

They grew too fast during the scorching hot summer. Too fast and too wild for me to control.

Once a year we have the gardeners (we call them friendly "Niwashi-san")come over to trim the trees and clear the bushes. This year too, Niwashi-san did such a beautiful work. Their skills are amazing especially when they work on pine trees. Basically they don't use scissors to trim these. They just pick up excessive tiny pine needles by hands. It's the most delicate work and it is often considered as an ultimate skill for a good gardener. It requires patience and attention to make a whole pine tree into a better shape. They often stay on a tree for hours to pick pine needles in the strong sunlight while others trim trees by scissors and sometimes electric scissors.
So ironically this is often said that a pine tree in a garden is money sucking.

Whatever it is, thanks to Niwashi-san, here comes back our garden of what it is to be. A "real garden" not a jungle anymore. The next thing I am concerned about is how long I can keep our garden this neat and clean after they left. Let's see.


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

You have such a lovely garden~ always adore the natural beauty of a Japanese garden...so peaceful!

Dionne said...

Hooray! I am glad your garden is back in shape again. It's so lovely.

Janine said...

your garden looks so nice, I love japanese gardens, very beautifull

Logan Chamberlain said...

So happy to hear that your garden is back in shape. Trimming pine trees by hand requires special skill and lots of patience. Your gardeners are one of a kind. This keen attention to detail must be the reason Japanese gardens are so beautiful. Happy gardening!