Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Typhoon Roke is appoaching

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My work today was canceled.

Due to the approaching typhoon, we had a heavy rainfall yesterday and much sooner than we expected two main rivers running across the city were observed to be in a danger of overflowing.

In fact at the upper streams, the water flowed over to the nearby residential areas and fields. The city claimed an evacuation advisory to almost half of a city population. I don't know how many people had actually left for the evacuation facilities, though.

The main roads downtown were covered with heavy rainfall in a short period of time and some of the underground shopping arcades and the subway stations were flooded. The transportation systems were paralyzed in the midst of the evening rush hours. My son was stuck in a traffic jam on a bridge when he drove back into downtown Nagoya.

My area was safe except the fact the typhoon is getting much closer no later than this noon. The rain and the wind are getting worse as the typhoon is approaching. No evacuation instruction is claimed here at this moment but only an evacuation advisory for people at a certain area of the city.

My husband called me from India to check if I am all right. He convinced me that our place is basically safe from flooding. I glue to the TV anyway. It's raining hard and the wind is threatening. Our little pond in the garden will be flooded soon or later. Gee, it is so relieving my son is off today. We’ll stay safe.


orchid said...

OMG, big typhoon!!!
It must be scary in your place. It is SO good your son has OFF-DAY today.
I wonder how much damage Japan would have to have this year....
Take Care my friend,

Hugs to you, Orchid*

Au and Target said...

Time to hole up with some nice hot tea, a book and enjoy the storm around you. Well, the edges anyway. Keep safe!

Anya said...

don't be afraid !!
Its not nice to be alone with a typhoon (we send you positive energy)

Dionne said...

Good to know that it's not affecting your immediate location! Weather can be so scary at times - it's so powerful and beyond our control.

You're in my thoughts and prayers any time I hear of things like this in your country.

Punctuation Mark said...

hope things get better... i know how bad something like that can be!

Belly B said...

This is so scary! I'm glad you're okay. I hope it gets better.

Belly B