Thursday, May 19, 2011

GirlsTwitters Meet-up

It was already a month ago story. I missed blogging about this wonderful get-together. I'd never expected that I would join a so called off-line meeting since I had thought of myself as not much of that kind.
I usually "tweet" friends who are mostly interested in learning English. They are different nationalities and all from different fields of business such as a company employers, an interpreter, a translator, an instructor, a tour guide and also some are students and stay-at-home mums and seniors. One common thing that twins us together is they all like to improve their English.
I love tweeting with those friends since they're really studious and inspire me tremendously. They are simply friendly and honest people and when it comes to handling the English language, they're more than professional.
My mind has been so much carried away when I heard some women I've been tweeting with would have an open meet-up in Kyoto. So why not ? I landed at Kyoto Station. It was really a blind date until I finally recognized the group of about 10 women at the hotel lobby. We headed for Okazaki area and we enjoyed talking well enough before we got to the lunch table.
Riripy from Kobe organized everything for us that day. Despite their professional concern, they are so understanding and also were kind enough to listen to me and givd me lots of advice and vigor in terms of improving English. Boy, it is so exciting to know how much they devote themselves into improving their abilities. They even look enjoying it out of professional spirit.

Now I know what I should do for the rest of the year. It was such a rewarding experience for me. Next time if I ever have a chance to meet them, I'd like to have some good news that I might achieve some improvement.


Au and Target said...

What fun! It sounds wonderful.

I'm just back from 3 weeks in Spain. Catching up with the blogging world. Hope all is well with you!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

It's always nice to get out of our 'comfort zone' & experience new things...glad you had FUN*