Monday, May 24, 2010

My favorite place to stop by

Today I left home at 8:45 in the morning to attend a computer lesson as an observer. Guess what? I'm supposed to give a class to 20 senior people for basic Microsoft Excel in July. This is what I used to do as my job but due to my mother-in-law's physical condition, I had to leave a regular job. I'm so excited about going back to this field as well as feel so responsible. The world of IT is growing so fast every minute and yet there are lots of elder people who have left behind though they're so much interested in this world. I feel so happy to help them go into this exciting world of web.
Anyway, after sitting a class for two hours even as an observer, I was just tired and didn't feel like moving forward to the next schedule of the day. I thought I needed some time to sit and cool my brain down. When you feel this way, do you have any place like a nice coffee shop or restaurant where you'd feel free to stop by all by yourself? I don't go so often but I have one very nice coffee shop full of fresh flowers where I have a favorite table for one. They serve good coffee along with nuts on a tiny plate and I feel just great to be left alone in comfortable noises of people and surrounding sounds.

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The Chair Speaks said...

Coffee and flowers - the two things to perk you up when things get down a little. :)

Anya said...

You are gone give a class to 20 senior people for internet fun
Sounds so interesting !!!!

Its also my favorite
to drink coffee :))))))
Have a wonderful day

Au and Target said...

How nice that you're going back to work! We seem to be very similar, and doing very similar things. For example, I just gave a talk about Internet research at Monash Malaysia. Maybe our karmas are linked. Now that would be very Asian :-)

Dionne said...

It looks lovely. I would love to go there someday. And I love that coffee!

Janine said...

This is great news, and I know this is goying very well too, so, now worries, You will doying fine. :)) lots off suces, the first picture is a very nice shop, I love those shop too. I;m alos not goying out very much, but a place like you discribe, i would like taht too. but then i hope they serve Tea, I don't drink coffee :)) best wishes too you from janine

Jee said...

omg! tht coffee looks delish!!! :D would love to have a cup of that! yummmmmmmmmm

photojoy said...

Yes, everyone, this is my favorite spot to drop by. Come and have tea with me! hahaha----sometime in the future.

Jee, thanks for your comment. I try to find an adequate blog for me to leave my comment in your several blogs. But I can't make sure which one is updated. Sorry. So let me add here to say "Thank you".

Jee said...

photojoy, no worries! :) I rarely update them anymore...Just that I happened to use this ID when I visited your blog, so it automatically linked me to my old blogs :)

photojoy said...

Jee, it's nice that you wrote me back so sooooon! Let's keep in touch.
Have a nice day.